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Your fundraising partners!

Helping your local organizations raise funds to support your communities. Local firefighters, lions clubs, PTOs, PTA, youth sports and more through simple online fundraising!

What we offer

All the tools and resources needed to support your organization

We have two separate fundraising platforms available along with offering website management and marketing.
Donatezilla - Made for volunteer firefighters, EMTs, lions clubs, youth sports etc. It is a simple platform to receive donations to support any organization.
Pledge Titan - Made for Parent Teacher Organizations and Associations. It is a more complex platform with parent portals, prize tracking, goal tracking, sponsor advertising and more.

Simple fundraising

Simple on-going fundraising for specifically designed for non-profit organizations. No goals, just straight forward donation collection.

Donatezilla Dashboard
Pledge Titan

Perfect for PTOs and PTAs!

Goal tracking, prize tracking, sponsor advertisement, classroom competitions, detailed reports, family pages, personalized thank you messages and so much more!

How we help

Fundraising Partners!

We will help you be successful! We strongly believe in volunteer organizations along with helping support community organizations and programs. We offer website management, marketing of your fundraiser efforts, and zero cost platforms to collect donations.

Free fundraising software

We charge your organization nothing. The only fees that apply are credit card processing fees that your donors never see.

Customer support

Customer support is very important to us. We will do everything we can to help you and resolve any issues.

Admin dashboard

Easily see where your donations are coming from.

Create address list for future events

Your supporters are able to opt in to communications from your organization. This will allow you to easily communicate future needs or events.

Secure credit card processing

We use Stripe for all transactions and do not store any credit card information on our severs. Stripe is PCI compliant.

Simple donation options

Simple way for your organization to receive donations.

Get answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely nothing! We process all online transactions and the funds are deposited in you account once a week.

Pledge Monster, LLC keeps 0% of online transactions. Your organization is only charged credit card processing fees which are $0.30 + 2.9% per transaction.

All credit card processing is handled by our PCI compliant processor. Funds are deposited directly into the organizations bank account once per week. 

Just like your organization we run on donations. When you run an event we add a promise percent feature to the donation page. This is completely optional for your donors.  It is our promise that we will give a portion of any donations we receive to the organization that referred us.  We are committed to supporting our communities. 

We will makes sure any group using our fundraising platforms are legitimate groups.  We will investigate to the best of our ability that the cause and organizations are real.  

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