Our Mission

To partner with volunteer organizations to raise funds...
To make sure every child feels included...
To build a sense of community and make a difference.

Welcome to Pledge Monster

Our Story!

Erin Hein a mom of two boys was starting to plan her elementary schools Glow Run. She partnered with a different online company in 2018 and thought it was great but was wanting to have added features to the software. She also wanted to be able to offer more than just the software at a low cost in order to help others be as successful as she has been raising funds for her school and other benefits.

She started talking to Andy Jandt, one of her colleagues, about what she wanted and asked if he thought it was possible. Andy happens to be a very accomplished developer with other successful sites. Andy said we can do this and started working right away on the idea.

Pledge Monster will not only offer low cost software for any fundraising event, but also help in organizing those events. Erin has had experience in successfully pivoting her PTO towards a new type of fundraiser and was able to help her school raise over $26,000 in a school of only 300 kids! She was also able to put together a successful benefit for her uncle and raise over $24,000 for him. With Andy’s programming and business expertise and Erin’s enthusiasm and business process knowledge Pledge Monster will be able to help thousands of groups run successful low stress fundraisers. This will help to reduce volunteer burnout for your group as well.

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La Crosse WI 54601 USA

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