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Making a difference in our communities one organization at a time.

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Life is always full of surprises! Twists, turns, and new opportunities. Just over one year ago, Andy and I founded our business Pledge Monster, LLC.  We planned on only offering a fundraising platform geared towards parent teacher groups, but after the pandemic basically halted all fundraising, we had to pivot.


Fundraising isn’t easy and can be very time consuming for volunteers. Volunteer burn out for organizations is a real problem. Making fundraising simple and easy is important. If you are in a community with several non-profit organizations your community members probably get tired of ‘giving’ each month or even each year.

We noticed a lack of simple trustworthy fundraising platforms with good customer support.  This is when Andy came up with Donatezilla, a simple fundraising platform for any organization. We know that volunteer organizations operate solely on money raised through fundraisers.

What is very different from other fundraising software out there is that there are zero dollar amount goals, zero time restraints, and we actually vet the legitimacy of the fundraiser to the best of our abilities. By meeting with organizations to talk about their needs and how we can help. We make sure that they are raising funds for an actual organization and that there is a purpose for raising funds.

We care if your fundraiser is successful or not and are here to help you.  We don’t want to just set you up with a platform to receive funds and say “see ya later”.  This is why we have decided to offer a website management plan along with marketing assistance. 

Social media isn’t what it used to be even six months ago.  You need a website for people to find and get accurate, up to date information from.  Unfortunately maintaining a website is not as quick and easy as social media pages. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!!

Referral Program

Refer another group to use either Pledge Titan or Donatezilla and Pledge Monster will donate a portion of our tips from those organizations to the referring group. This is our way of saying Thank you to the organizations we assist with fundraising. 

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