12 Keys to Donation Pages

If online fundraising were easy everyone would be doing it. Oh wait…everyone is doing it. Online fundraising isn’t as simple as adding a button to your organizations website. You need to drive traffic to the site and get people to … Read More

Fire Department Fundraiser Ideas

10 Fire Department Fundraiser Ideas

Fire Department Fundraiser Ideas Volunteer fire departments and volunteer EMS teams in rural areas don’t always receive the funding much larger municipality departments  do. Sometimes they may run short on funding needed to maintain their equipment and supplies. Fundraising is … Read More

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Fire Department Fundraiser

Fire Department Fundraiser Many community members probably don’t realize that their local fire department is made up of volunteers. Often the cost of a full time fire staff just isn’t feasible for a community. These volunteer departments compose almost 70% … Read More

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Donating to Nonprofits in 6 Simple Steps

Donating to Nonprofits Should be Simple Fundraising for nonprofits is more about marketing then most people realize.  If there is not enough advertisements created on multiple different platforms, you simply will not raise as much.  You and your organization have … Read More

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5 Ways of Donating

Ways of donating Are you looking for ways to donate to small non-profit organizations? How do you donate to smaller non-profit organizations? Your donation is important to any organization no matter how big or small. These are some ways to … Read More

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6+ Best Fundraising Event Ideas

Fundraising Event Ideas Holding an event is the most popular way of raising funds. Typically you can get the community involved for a greater financial gain. Non-profits all over the country hold different events to maximize collections and are usually … Read More

Web Donation

Facts about Web Donations

Web Donations for your organizations. Facts you should know about web donation platforms. … Read More


Increase your Non-Profits Fundraising Efforts

Increasing your non-profits fundraising efforts.  Fundraising is the most significant part of any non-profit organizations financials and it is important to maximize the profits of any given fundraiser. Increasing fundraising efforts should be the second priority in any non-profit organization, … Read More

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Fundraising Activities

Fundraising Activites THE GENUINE FACTOR REGARDING FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES Fundraising is as equally complex as gratifying. Fundraising activities maximizing the necessary fund in a worthwhile purpose is definitely spiritually as well as on an emotional level fulfilling. Any education establishment may … Read More

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Simple fundraising with a donation or pledge drive

Simple Fundraising Concepts What is a donation or pledge drive? A donation drive is a set period of time that you request students to raise money for a single cause. A simple fundraising option and there is nothing to sell, … Read More