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Absolutely nothing! We process all online transactions and the funds are deposited in you account once a week.

Pledge Monster, LLC keeps 0% of online transactions. Your organization is only charged credit card processing fees which are $0.30 + 2.9% of the transaction, 

All fees are up front. The only fee you will be charged is $0.30 plus 2.9% per transaction.

Just like your organization we run on donations. When you run an event we add a tip feature to the donation page. Tipping is completely optional for your donors.  It is our promise that we will give a portion of any donations we receive to the organization that referred us. 

Volunteers from your organization are able to enter all donations made either by cash or check in Pledge Monster for administrative approval.

This allows for easy tracking of prizes earned for each child participating in the event. It also allows for the parents of each child to see the progress made. It makes tracking the success of your event more exciting for everyone participating.

Yes, your organization can have as many ‘Treasurer’ roles as needed. This role gives limited access to the event so they can receive donations without needing to have access to modify the event or other items.

No, we offer a family page where you add as many children as you have and send out one single donation request to friends and family. This allows for one single transaction to be made for multiple children. That single donation is then split evenly between the kids.

A member of your organization with administrative rights can modify or remove the incorrect donation entered.

We value the privacy of our organization, their donors and their families. No, we will never sell your organization’s or donor’s information to anyone. The only emails you or your donor will receive is a request for a donation and a receipt (Thank you) email for each donation made online.

All credit card processing is handled by our PCI compliant processor. Funds are deposited directly into the organizations bank account once per week.