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Why is fundraising so frustrating?

Why is fundraising so frustrating? Fundraising is needed for every volunteer organization in order to be successful. The problem is that fundraising can be overwhelming and complex, resulting in low amounts of volunteers to run a fundraiser. The good news … Read More

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5 Ways of Donating

Ways of donating Are you looking for ways to donate to small non-profit organizations? How do you donate to smaller non-profit organizations? Your donation is important to any organization no matter how big or small. These are some ways to … Read More

Web Donation

Facts about Web Donations

Web Donations for your organizations. Facts you should know about web donation platforms. … Read More


Increase your Non-Profits Fundraising Efforts

Increasing your non-profits fundraising efforts.  Fundraising is the most significant part of any non-profit organizations financials and it is important to maximize the profits of any given fundraiser. Increasing fundraising efforts should be the second priority in any non-profit organization, … Read More

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Why Pledge Monster

Our Approach to Fundraising We all know that planning a fundraiser can be overwhelming, stressful, and have low profit margins, but it doesn’t have to. I have been a part of multiple fundraising events in different capacities, from selling items … Read More