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5 Ways of Donating

Ways of donating Are you looking for ways to donate to small non-profit organizations? How do you donate to smaller non-profit organizations? Your donation is important to any organization no matter how big or small. These are some ways to … Read More

Web Donation

Facts about Web Donations

Web Donations for your organizations. Facts you should know about web donation platforms. … Read More


Increase your Non-Profits Fundraising Efforts

Increasing your non-profits fundraising efforts.  Fundraising is the most significant part of any non-profit organizations financials and it is important to maximize the profits of any given fundraiser. Increasing fundraising efforts should be the second priority in any non-profit organization, … Read More

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Why Pledge Monster

Our Approach to Fundraising We all know that planning a fundraiser can be overwhelming, stressful, and have low profit margins, but it doesn’t have to. I have been a part of multiple fundraising events in different capacities, from selling items … Read More